MPC Caribbean Clean Energy raises additional funds via a rights issue

Loop News 1 January 2020

MPC Capital AG  says it has made another important step forward to further grow its renewable energy business in Central America.

By way of a rights issue with local investors, MPC Caribbean Clean Energy successfully sold about 10 million shares, growing the equity base to about US$22 million.

MPC Caribbean Clean Energy will use the capital raised to enable investments into additional renewable energy projects in the Caribbean, it said in a statement on Friday.

The company aims to further develop and refine its renewables platform in the region, while also offering new, attractive investment opportunities.

Martin Vogt, Managing Director Renewable Energies at MPC Capital, said: “We enable our investors to invest in the future. Eco-consciousness and attractive returns are by no means

Martin Vogt, Managing Director at MPC Renewable Energies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MPC Capital.

mutually exclusive, especially in an area as attractive as the Caribbean. The investor-friendly political environment coupled with a natural abundance of green energy resources provides an ideal framework for cashing in on renewable infrastructure assets.”

“We are also seeing strong interest from investors who have not yet been able to invest due to the local focus of the investment vehicle,” Vogt continued. “We will also offer these investors a platform to participate in this highly interesting growth market.”