Membership Fees


Membership Fees: Full Members

Fund Managers (and other private capital investors)

Fund management firms and family offices are eligible for membership in CARAIA if they are actively engaged in direct PE/VC investing on a cash-for-equity basis in Caribbean ventures, and employ a professional staff consisting of at least one full-time employee whose sole professional activity is to direct PE/VC investing. Annual membership fees for fund managers are based on “assets under management” (AUM), which is defined as all funds raised less any liquidated funds.

    Total AUM    Fee (USD)

    <50M              $3,000

    51- 100M        $4,000

    101<200M      $5,000

Corporate Investors

Corporate members include corporations and companies engaged in direct and fund investments in Caribbean businesses.

    Corporate Membership Fee: US$3,000

Institutional Investors

Institutional investors include insurance companies, pension funds and endowments.

    Institutional Investor Membership Fee: US$2,000


Membership Fees: Associate Members

Angel and Seed Investors

Angel and seed investors are categorized as groups with less than US$10m AUM making early stage investments in the Caribbean, and include angel networks, seed funds, incubators, and accelerators.

    Angel and Seed Investors Membership Fee:US$1,000

Academic Institutions and Non-Profits

Academic institutions and Non-profit organizations engaged in education or advising related to the private equity and venture capital industry in the Caribbean are eligible for CARAIA membership.

    Academic Institution & Non-profits Membership Fee: US$500

Industry Partners

    Trade associations with whom CARAIA has active partnerships receive complimentary membership.