WEBINAR - Blended Finance Options for Funding Resilient Infrastructure


This webinar will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to dialogue with key experts on utilizing the blended finance modality to de-risk resilience projects, and to crowd in private capital funding from within the region, as well as from global sources, through the establishment of innovative funding vehicles. We will receive insights from the Head of Blended Finance, IDB Invest - Matthieu Pegon.


Webinar Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of impact-oriented investment opportunities.
  • Increase awareness of sources of resilience funding from local, regional, and global partners.
  • Appreciation of the criteria global funders, including the International Development Partners, use in assessing blended finance opportunities.
  • Spotlight examples of innovative & successfully funded resilience projects within the Caribbean and from other regions.
  • Stakeholders to identify needs for future training and knowledge building, to increase technical capabilities and access available funding.
  • Create a forum for engagement with international partners and establishment of new linkages and opportunities for collaboration.


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